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The GATHERINGS activities are inspired by the Living Labs methodological model, as defined by the European Network of Living Labs. Living Labs are real-life test and experimentation environments that foster co-creation and open innovation among the main actors of the Quadruple Helix Model: Citizens, Government, Industry and Academia.

GATHERINGS addresses the complexity of these surveillant assemblages in the context of public gatherings, that is, in the context of people getting together in this specific places:

  • public spaces
  • events
  • street parties
  • music festivals
  • christmas markets
  • farmer markets
  • religious celebrations
  • public protests
  • assemblies
  • spontaneous parties
  • street celebrations

Through our 3 Living Labs, the GATHERINGS project will examine practices and effects of surveillance in public spaces and public gatherings to identify, explore, guide and encourage novel and less intrusive forms of protection in public spaces by local authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece

Know our living labs

the first focus group includes representatives from local LEA’s, public administration and the business community.

the second focus group comprises a diverse sample of citizens as users of public spaces and participants of public gatherings and events.

the third focus group covers gendered and cultured aspects of securitising and surveillance of public spaces, gatherings and events on vulnerable populations.

We will also survey event visitors in our Living Labs in order to understand the real effects of surveillance and security practices on public gatherings and events visitors.

The participatory methodology in the Living Labs, which includes focus groups and co-learning panels, will provide the GATHERINGS project with recommendations for shared standards on security and privacy while enhancing transparency through direct citizen participation.

The 3 Living Labs also ensure a deep and enduring impact of the developed standards in the local settings, especially amongst the local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), local administration, business community and citizens broadly involved in the surveillance assemblage.

Stay tuned to know more about the work that will be developed in our Living Labs!