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We will conduct various activities to engage our target groups, ensuring stakeholder participation from the early stages of research, so as to contribute to our desired outcomes.

gatherings target groups

GATHERINGS will target a variety of stakeholders using different strategies:

Target Group #1

Law Enforcement Agencies

Target Group #2


Target Group #3


Target Group #4

Civil Society: Representatives of local communities and citizens

Target Group #5


Target Group #6

Academics and
other researchers

Target Group #7

Local and national governments, Political representatives, Policy Makers and Regulators

Target Group #8

and Multipliers

Our engagement strategies aim to encourage co-creation and mutual learning regarding surveillance practices in public spaces, while enhancing awareness about security, privacy, transparency, and data protection.

We will sustain ongoing engagement with the relevant stakeholders, particularly with the local authorities, operators and policy makers. This will be achieved through our Community of Practice (CoP) network, Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) workshops and training sessions, as well as other stakeholder-centred activities, such as surveillance professional interviews.

Community of Practice (CoP) network

Mutual learning is the core support and coordination methodology utilised in the GATHERINGS project through a Community of Practice (CoP) surveillance network. The development of this CoP surveillance network allows security and surveillance professionals with a common purpose to meet and get involved in crucial exchange activities.

Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML)

Additionally, members will participate in annual in-person Mobilisation and Mutual Learning workshops, where members can further analyse key topics with project partners, allowing for the co-creation of results. Meetings will discuss the key constitutive elements of surveillance assemblages (technologies, stakeholders and data transfer) and the three main impacts: safety, privacy-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

Advisory Board

An international, interdisciplinary Advisory Board will play a crucial role in developing the GATHERINGS project, assisting our Consortium in establishing a well-defined direction for the conducted work.

Policy Dialogues

At a later stage, the GATHERINGS project will hold policy dialogues to formulate legal recommendations with national and EU-level policy-makers based on the surveillance impact report and the common standards we will produce.

Living Labs

Our Living Labs will involve all stakeholders targeted by the project in 3 key regions of Europe.